Why build a personal website?


私人播放器The answer is simple...... to disseminate both personal information about myself and information I have gathered over the years. I use this personal website to share my experience, my knowledge and my opinions about the things that interest me and matter to me most.

Please Note!


While the information contained in this site is made available to the public, the information, documents, white papers, etc. are mine and are protected under US Copyright Law!

I encourage students and engineers alike to reference the material I am making available but also warn them at thesame time, Don't Plagiarize My Work!!

Good Engineers Collaborate! Bad Engineers Steal!

So students, learn from what I am sharing with you and become GREAT ENGINEERS!!

Forever Under Construction....


This website will be forever under construction because I will be adding new information to it constantly!
Please note that all the documents contained within this website will either be in MS Word format or Adobe Acrobat PDF.

Please visit Adobe.com to get the latest version of Acrobat Reader