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The Guardian editorial calendar resets in October. Issue #1 was published the first week of October every year.

Blogs vs print sections

In most cases, posts that appeared online at but not in print (e.g., blog entries and some listings) are not categorized by Issue. To find blog posts, search for the blog name or browse under the SFBG Blogs menu item.

Topic searching

We have newly reindexed all topic keywords based on basic automated text analysis. If you notice really screwy results when searching by topic, we'd appreciate you letting us know.

Writer searching

In some cases the name attributions in the old database file don't reflect the correct byline. We'd appreciate your help identifying misattributed stories so we can correct them.

Structural continuity

Over its 50 year history, the Guardian's structure evolved continuously. Sections grew and split, columns came and went, topics got expanded into special editions and sometimes refolded back into the paper. For the most part, we're presenting sections and organizational concepts as they would have appeared circa 2014.

That means that some special editions, pullouts, columns and blogs may be categorized differently here than they were at original pub date.

As older and pre-internet issues of the paper become available, we'll rely mostly on automated text analysis to help determine how to categorize and find stories.