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Every month I try to give the world an idea of what my father created. When I see this chest I immediately think its fit for a Queen… It’s the perfect elegant addition for a hallway or even a mater bedroom; made primarily of wood and inlaid pieces of copper metal - he always chose delicate hardware to complement his work. This chest was hand crafted to look and feel like Royalty. It can add an instant look of timeless beauty and charm to any home.



This Months Featured Artist is Jodie Atherton...


"As a child, I remember sifting dirt through an old window screen to make mud pies. I decorated them with rocks, leaves and small branches from our cottonwood trees and left them to bake in the sun. That childhood imagination has matured into my sculpture and tile ceramic studio, Whitewater Ceramics based in Laramie, WY. The organic nature and flowing lines of my art are natural outgrowths of a love for whitewater, without compromising the youthful playfulness of those original mud pies. Yet, the functionality of my custom, handmade tiles lends a more refined, artistic expression to the office or home.

Here, I create mixed media sculptures which incorporate recycled materials into hand crafted ceramic figures and mosaics. I also design custom ceramic artisan tiles that can be used individually or in installations residentially or commercially."





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Artist of the Month

Jodie Atherton


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