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Resume templates


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手机伊在人线香蕉2Business Developer

With DoYouBuzz, I was guided and I created my resume without having to worry about the layout. During my interviews, recruiters often asked me how I made a resume like this!

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Management Assistant

The resume advice given during the workshops were very informative! We always have things to shape or change on our resume, and the instructions given helped me get things back on track.

The benevolent of the team


Hospitality Manager

I am delighted to see that a company can be super friendly, I would love to work in such a fun and human environment.
Thanks for the example!


I create my content

After creating my account, I am guided to write my resume section by section.

I choose and customize my template

I change, whenever I want, the layout of my resume, the location of the sections, colours, font size, etc.

I'm asking for help

If I am stuck or have a question, I consult one of the DoYouBuzz guides or make an appointment for a group workshop

I have my resume proofread

If I wish, I can have my resume proofread by my entourage to correct errors or misspelling.

I create multiple versions of my resume

I can create several versions of my resume to adapt my resume to my applications or in another language.

I download or share my resume

I share my resume on the web or in PDF. I can also send it directly to partner job sites.
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A smooth and original resume template
A modern and professional resume template
A modern and colourful resume template
A professional and elegant resume template
A basic and efficient resume template
A sober and professional resume template
A sober and structured resume template
A classic and efficient resume template
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It's our customers who talk about it best...

Bertrand Bailly - CEO of Davidson Consulting

Before, to present the career and skills of a consultant, we had a template in Word that every employee had to respect.
In practice, consultants spent several hours struggling in Word. The resumes maintained a very heterogeneous look & feel and this forced a full-time assistant to do a painful and ungrateful job to control and reformat the resumes.

Today, with Showcase, we save time in the development and updating of SPs to focus on recruitment and customer relations.

Showcase - our solution for computer service companies and consulting firms
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