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Mischievous Max - And the Beast of Silvernails - novel cover

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Young Adult Fiction (12-18+)

VICTOR BLACK - A Quadrilogy

New Adult Fiction (16-25+)

NEMESIS - Book One - A Trilogy

New Adult Fiction | Romance (16-25+)

Mischievous Max TM

Can a 13-year old get into any more trouble? Max defies authority. Middle school is nothing compared to the secrets he uncovers in the small town of Pine Plains, NY, and the supernatural forces that are more fact than fiction.

Book One - Available August 12, 2019 (Amazon, Barnes & Noble: eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover)

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Victor Black is haunted by an elusive past, he must face a future crammed into just three years, and come to terms with what it means to be human. Victor turns creationism on its head when he learns the truth.

Book One - Available August 16, 2019 (Amazon, Barnes & Noble: eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover)

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Amazon $0.99 Kindle / $13.99 Paperback

Barnes & Noble $0.99 NOOK / Paperback $15.99 / Hardcover $21.99

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Humanity left Earth three-million years ago for Nemesis. Fifteen-year old Fern, on the cusp of womanhood, in a violent society where women have evolved and men have been banished, learns a long-forgotten truth when "he" arrives.

Book One - Coming Fall 2019

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Single Novels (Adult)

Basilisk - A Novel [Horror/Suspense] (18+)

Marcus is not your typical wealthy Las Vegas real estate developer, though he likes his booze, women, and being the boss. His reputation is in ruins after a nasty legal battle, and everyone he knows turns on him. His anger turns to thoughts of revenge, which brings the beast upon them all. It seems like a dream come true for Marcus, until things get out of hand.

Coming Spring 2020

A Novel [Suspense/horror]

For Richard, a last-minute decision to jump turned into a long-term obsession. After being thrown from the King Air on his first solo dive, he should have known more trouble lay ahead.

Coming Spring 2020

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Novel One - Coming Fall 2019

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