Imaginary Blue Flu Text

We were accused of overreacting and stoking panic when we said this was Groot's endgame a week or so ago. Anyone want to bet against us today?
  • Along with a spike in violence in Chicago this past weekend comes with a new push by members of the police union to get officers on the street to stand down – and even stay home.

    As CBS 2 Political "Investigator" [...] reported Monday night, it all started with a text message.

    The text told officers not to volunteer to work on days off, to limit arrests, and to call in sick to make a statement to Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the City Council about how much officers are needed.

    The bottom line – it is calling for what is known as “blue flu.”

    The head of the Fraternal Order of Police is not denouncing the move. But the mayor calls it stupid.
There is no picture of the alleged text massage. There is no corroboration from multiple independent sources. Just a claim from SeeBS - a "news" organization that has been shown on numerous occasions to manufacture quotes, tweets, history, even entire Texas National Guard documentation for political ends.

Not volunteering to work days off in the current atmosphere is only intelligent.

As for the allegation that officers are being told to "limit arrests," those orders are coming from white shirts across the city in order to avoid (A) lawsuits, (B) use of force incidents and (C) making sure there are enough officers on the street to actual maintain some presence. That and the fact that Crimesha and Evans are releasing criminals as fast as they're arrested kind of limits the incentive to do anything remotely proactive.


Taking Flak = Over the Target

  • Professionally, it’s been “no secret that the [Fraternal Order of Police] has taken issue with me, and I think in a way that is felt beyond just my policy reform ideas,” the county’s top prosecutor said in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times.

    “The hate mail that I’ve received – no one should ever read ‘Second City Cop’ if you want to maintain your belief in humanity,” she said, referring to a blogger she accused of “using racist rhetoric to describe me.”

    “It would be one thing to simply say, as they do, ‘oh, it’s a few bad apples,’ but the permissiveness of such language and rhetoric that is rooted in race, that is rooted in misogyny and their still, to this day, lack of apology for being in the company of, and feeling comfortable in the company of white supremacists who marched on my office — that has been jarring,” Foxx said.

    [...] The police union has been a regular critic of Foxx and her work, organizing a rally against her last year that saw members of the Proud Boys, the American Guard and the American Identity Movement attending. The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled the Proud Boys and the American Guard hate groups.

    And Second City Cop, an anonymous blog run by a Chicago police officer that shares department rumors and commentary on local news, has been a vocal and insulting critic of Foxx.
That middle paragraph is amusing - change "white supremacists" to  "black panthers" or "antifa" or "anarchists" and you have today's democratic party in a nutshell. Anyone quoting the SPLC as anything but a lefty money laundering operation is ignorant in the extreme.

To be realistic, Foxx has been "a vocal an insulting critic" of police officers for years now, making up stories about her own interactions with cops, lying in court in order to drop cases, preparing as a defense attorney rather than the chief prosecutor. What she claims is "policy reform" is actually a progressive agenda that she didn't run on - she lied during her entire campaign. We've been realistically (and properly) critical of her unilaterally rewriting criminal law - usurping the job of the legislature - while the mainstream media remained silent.

And guess who pays for her daily incompetence? The minority community:
  • in terms of higher prices stores must charge for shoplifting,
  • in terms of property losses at the hands of burglars who don't do serious time
  • and in terms of bloodshed when shooters and murderers are relased on a completely dysfunctional "electronic monitoring," low bonds, early release and under-sentencing for serious felonies.
You might say that the only people doing their jobs in the criminal justice system are the cops - and these assholes are beating it out of them every single day.


Bad Week On Tap

It seems the weekend didn't end on Sunday night like most people assume it would:
  • Forty-one people were shot, six of them fatally, Monday in Chicago.

    The gun violence comes at the heels of an especially violent Father’s Day weekend, when 104 people were shot, 14 of them fatally citywide.
HeyJackass.com looks like it's going to have a busy week ahead. Chicago could seriously have 200 people shot this week.

Better pray for rain Brownie - so far, Friday and Saturday are looking dampish.

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Smollett II

Haven't seen much about that accusation by the president of the Police Board that he got beaten by cops with nightsticks during the first night of rioting. Not a single video has emerged, not a single eyewitness, probably because it's all made up, Smollett-style.

The head of the Police Board shouldn't be out at protests seeing as how he's supposed to be the head of an "impartial" panel sitting in judgement of cops. But then again, the head of the Police Board also shouldn't have been credibly accused of swindling the elderly either:
  • Ghian Foreman is Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s handpicked Police Board president and a prominent Chicago real estate developer. In 2005, he borrowed $50,000 from Karyn Usher’s mother to help finance a Bronzeville condominium project. The units sold but the Usher family has waited 13 years to be paid. “He owes this money and I want him to pay this money,” Usher says.

    Usher says her family was close with Foreman’s, the reason her then 73-year-old mother, Ann Marie Usher, entered into a legal limited partnership and loaned Foreman the money. “Mother had known them all her life and so she, of course, wanted to help Ghian,” Usher says. Foreman rehabbed the four condos and sold three for a total of more than $1 million. By 2007, he owned the fourth and final unit free and clear.

    Usher’s attorney says Foreman could’ve paid off the debt. “There were proceeds from these sales,” says Phyllis Price. “[But} Ms. Usher got not a dime.” Foreman acquired more properties through the years. His investment groups bought the well-known Schulze Bakery building for $3.1 million and a shuttered Chicago Public School for $325,000. He did this even as Usher took legal action to get her money back.

    Ann Marie Usher died at age 84 without ever seeing her investment returned.
Rahm appointed him in 2018 knowing that he was being sued by investors.

Groot kept him knowing the same thing - probably because it made him controllable.



We've Heard This Before

  • Chicago Police Supt. David Brown on Monday once again called for other criminal justice entities to give the CPD “a little bit of help” in combating gun violence after a weekend that saw more than 100 people shot and several children murdered.

    Brown said that the city’s violence was largely driven by violent felons who were released from jail too soon.

    “At the end of the day, our endgame strategy is to arrest violent felons, but if violent felons are getting right out of jail, we need cooperation and collaboration with other partners within the criminal justice system,” Brown said.

    Brown’s predecessor, Eddie Johnson, made the same plea on innumerable occasions during his 3 ? years leading the CPD.

    Asked for specifics on what drove the weekend bloodshed, Brown said: “Gangs, guns and drugs and not enough time spent in jail for violent felons.”
And amusingly, the media tried to embarrass Groot:
  • When 10 people were killed and 39 others were shot over Memorial Day weekend, Mayor Lori Lightfoot condemned the “bloodbath” and called it a “fail” by her newly appointed police superintendent.

    On Monday, Lightfoot was asked what she would call a Father’s Day weekend that ended with 14 homicides that included children ages 3 and 13.

    The mayor never answered the question directly. Instead, she talked about the parts of the criminal justice “eco-system” sidelined during the coronavirus pandemic that are still not fully back online.
Sure, blame the feds (who only charge Federal crimes) instead of Prickwrinkle, Fart and Evans who are part of the Illinois Combine/Machine that have been running this city, county and state into the ground for nearly eighty years now.

So it's obvious now that Brownie doesn't have a plan, never had a plan and isn't likely to come up with a plan since he's letting Groot blame the feds for a local problem.

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Defunding Vote Wednesday

This is for the Officers in schools that the communist CTU is pushing - and guess who wants police to remain in the schools?
  • The divisive use of police officers embedded in schools lands before the Chicago Board of Education Wednesday, when there could be a vote on whether to end its $33 million contract with the Chicago Police Department.

    But that idea won’t come with an endorsement from the city’s schools chief.

    Shortly after Wednesday’s scheduled vote was made public, Chicago Public Schools CEO Janice Jackson and a group of principals spoke Monday on their belief in the importance of school resource officers. Mayor Lori Lightfoot has previously dismissed the idea of removing police from schools, despite a growing call.

    Jackson said she supports keeping the decision at the school level and understands the discomfort some students feel with police around.
You know who feels uncomfortable with cops in the schools? Criminal students.

And the CTU members who are sexually abusing students - hundreds of complaints every year, almost all un-investigated and almost all swept under the rug.

Hopefully, CPD is out of the schools this fall.


Re-taking Seattle?

  • Faced with growing pressure to crack down on an “occupied” protest zone following two weekend shootings, Seattle’s mayor said Monday that officials will move to wind down the blocks-long span of city streets taken over two weeks ago that President Donald Trump asserted is run by “anarchists.”
We would hope the union would recommend its members don't make a single move without two pieces of paper in the hands of every single officer:
  • A signed and notarized blanket Pardon from the governor
  • A signed and notarized blanket Pardon from the president
This would cover State and Federal charges that are certain to be raised at some point by politicos looking to score points. We doubt that everyone is going to go peacefully, and we all know every single incident of lawful force is going to be recorded, edited and misinterpreted for maximum propaganda purposes against law enforcement.

Actually, at this point it would probably be better if the National Guard went in and cleared out the armed insurrectionists.


"Scandal" Update

We imagine everyone noticed that Groot held an "emergency" press conference earlier this month to level accusations against officers regarding "Popcorn-gate" but didn't hold any sort of "emergency" presser to decry the on-going march to 100+ casualties during the weekend.

It's almost like she endorses the slaughter of minority children.

We hope that everyone has noticed the "scandal" has since dropped off the radar. That's because HQ discovered exactly who ordered the officers there to guard Booby's office, and you know that no one will hold an actual exempt member accountable.

That would be embarrassing to Groot and Booby.


Monday, June 22, 2020

The Butcher Bill (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Long time readers of the blog will know that we usually throw Updates at the bottom of the post so you can see what was written before we caught up with current events. In this case, we're going to put the Update up top, because it's almost too incredible to be believed:

UPDATE: One hundred and two? Are you fucking kidding us? When we went to work, it was at seventy-four (11 and 63.) We open up the paper this morning and it's at 14 dead, 88 wounded (HeyJackass has 14 and 95)

Now, we will note that HeyJackass uses a more liberal timeline than we do, counting some shootings as "overtime" since the conflicts obviously carry over from Sunday night into Monday mornings, but that has little effect on the final numbers.

2020's Father's Day Weekend is almost exactly the totals for 2017, 2018 and 2019....COMBINED.

The question now becomes does Brownie quit before 04 July, or does Groot fire his ass. Because his strategies obviously suck, the officers are exhausted and morale is in the toilet. Tripe digit weekends might be the "new normal" for Groot.

Stay tuned.

= = = = = = Original Post Below = = = = = = = 

Before moving on to the grim weekend numbers, we'd just like to congratulate the CPD:
  • Of the +/-80 persons suffering penetrating lead poisoning this weekend, the Chicago Police Department accounted for exactly ZERO of the total.
To this we say, "Defund the Police!"

Oh, and FU Groot.

And now to the story that made national headlines:
  • A 3-year-old boy was fatally wounded about two hours earlier when someone opened fire at his father while they were driving in Austin.

    The toddler, identified as Mekay James, was struck in the back about 6:25 p.m. when someone in a blue Honda pulled behind the black SUV the boy’s 27-year-old father was driving in the 600 block of North Central Avenue and fired several rounds, authorities said.

    A police source said the father was believed to be the intended target of the shooting.
The father is a known gang banger, felon and probable shooter in a few cases. He knew he was a target. You know why he had his kid in the car? Because he thought it made him less of a target....you know, a human shield. That gamble didn't work out. The three-year-old was just the youngest of multiple child juvenile victims - 13, 16 and 17 were some others who were killed. And not a single one by the police that everyone seems to hate and blame, evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.
  • eleven dead, sixty-three wounded as of 1930 hours Sunday
Three-hundred-one for the year and June isn't even over.

Is Brown gone after 04 July?

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Happy New Year!!!

Brown said he was going to shoot (pun intended) for under 300 murders this year. So either he's a liar and a fool....or it's 2021 already. Trust us, we're more than willing to put 2020 in the rearview mirror.

As of this writing, number 300 was on the board, and so was number 301, and there were still hours left, so the final tally may still climb.

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Time for Arbitration?

Anti-police "reporter" is laying the groundwork should Groot fail to "reform" the police Contract:
  • Four years ago, private citizen Lori Lightfoot led a task force that urged the city of Chicago to rewrite police union contracts to eliminate provisions that make it harder to discipline officers. Now, Mayor Lightfoot is under increasing pressure to make those changes a reality herself as protests triggered by George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis cops have renewed calls to eliminate some police protections here.

    At issue are clauses that allow officers to delay giving statements after shooting people, prevent the city from rewarding cops who blow the whistle on misconduct, and discourage people from filing complaints by generally requiring them to give their names.
We'll note that this is the one of the first times we've ever seen any reporter actually lay out which parts of the Contract the politicians want destroyed:
  • "delay giving statements" - we've stated this at least a dozen times before. We will gladly accept the rules the FBI  holds its agents to - the supposed gold standard - seventy-two hours. CPD allows a mere twenty-four, following one of the most traumatic event any human being can go through.
  • "prevent the city from rewarding cops who blow the whistle on misconduct" - we are unaware of any such "rule" and in fact, we can be charged administratively for not reporting misconduct. This is both fantasy and complete bullshit. As to a "reward," the City Council could pass an Ordinance tomorrow.
  • "discourage people from filing complaints" - this is part of the Sword Affidavit Law, passed in Springfield. It merely codified the legal ability to confront accusers guaranteed any citizen to also apply to police officers. Prior to this being passed, Officers could be accused of all sorts of malfeasance without the benefit of knowing the charges or circumstances and be expected to answer questions with perfect recall, even if the accusations were total bullshit. In the real world, we call this "slander" or "defamation" and there are civil remedies. If this was such an issue, wouldn't we have heard about Officers hunting down accusers and millions in city payouts? We can recall exactly ZERO complaints of this nature.
Precedent is actually our friend at the moment and Groot has an uphill battle due to her hardline stance on scapegoating cops and gutting protections. In fact, her recent moves against Officers flipping the bird, and the popcorn incident in Booby's office after being ordered to protect it, should only stiffen the resolve of the FOP to not budge an inch. The city (and Groot) have proven time and time again they are not be trusted.

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Second Guessing - Six Months Ago

  • A Fort Myers police officer was arrested after he failed to contact the Department of Children and Families in regards to a young child's safety, according to Fort Myers Police Chief Derrick Diggs.

    Officer Tyler Williams has been placed on unpaid administrative leave and could face internal charges with the department for violations.

    His arrest stems from a traffic stop on January 18, 2020 at Colonial and Solomon Boulevards. Officer Williams pulled over a car for speeding at 4:50 a.m.

    During this stop, it was the officer's duty to report information about a young child's safety, which put the child's welfare in jeopardy, according to Chief Diggs.
Yes, you are reading that correctly. The officer is facing an internal charge in June.....for a January incident....because a child died in February. This makes a lot of assumptions:
  • Officer discretion? Does it exist in Florida? Was the officer being an understanding human being and cutting the woman a break?
  • Did the woman pinky swear promise to put the child in a car seat? Isn't it her responsibility to ensure the safety of her child?
  • Does anyone really think that the Florida Department of Children and Family Services would investigate a seat belt complaint?
But some useless bureaucrat chief thinks he can second guess his officers five months or more after the fact? Fuck this jagoff.

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Sunday, June 21, 2020

There's No Place Like Home

Hey Brownie, you might need these later:

First day of summer yesterday.

It's all downhill from here.


Big Loss

  • Chicago’s police union can’t enforce a provision in its contract for destruction of misconduct records, the Supreme Court ruled on June 18.

    The Justices found public policy outweighed the provision, which required the city to destroy misconduct records after five years.

    “While parties are generally free to make their own contracts, this court has long held that when a conflict exists between a contract provision and state law, as it clearly does in this case, state law prevails,” wrote Justice Lloyd Karmeier.

    He based his doctrine on a common law notion that, “courts will not lend judicial power to the enforcement of private agreements that are immoral or illegal.”

    Chief Justice Anne Burke and Justices Rita Garman, Mary Jane Theis, Scott Neville, and Michael Burke concurred.
Remember, these provisions didn't erase sustained cases of misconduct. Those were preserved forever. The agreement was to destroy Unfounded and Not Sustained accusations, which is to say cases unsupported by facts, witnesses or evidence. There was and remains absolutely no purpose in keeping these files. They have been investigated and cleared. It's the same in criminal cases - you can't use unsubstantiated accusations or findings of innocence in other court proceedings.

So once again, against all convention wisdom, Police Officers have been placed under the Law that protects every other citizen.


Contrarian Rip Job

  • If ever a city hellbent on slipping down a pipeline to mob rule and corruption needed the help of Chicago, it is now.

    The anti-police narrative Chicago elites have cultivated to great success in attacking the foundations of justice in this city the last four decades is in danger of not holding in Atlanta, a city where a police force comprised of nearly 50-percent African American officers is walking off the job in response to the decision by hack prosecutor Paul Howard to gin up criminal charges against an officer in a fatal police shooting.

    Rayshard Brooks resisted arrest for drunk driving, assaulted two officers, stole one officer’s taser, fled, then pointed the taser at the officer in pursuit, Garrett Rolfe, who then fatally shot Brooks. If ever there was a text book example of justifiable use of force, the video of this shooting would be it. Nevertheless, Howard, in a speech reminiscent of the anti-police babble devoid of facts by Chicago’s own prosecutor, Kimberly Foxx, announced he was pursuing felony murder charges against Rolfe.

    Talk about a courageous public servant.
It only gets better from there. Go read it all.

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Good Suggestion

From a reader:
  • The guys must know this for their homes: A tenancy by the entirety is similar to a joint tenancy with the right of survivor-ship, but with a few additional characteristics: Whereas a joint tenancy with the right of survivor-ship can be severed by one owner, neither spouse can sever the tenancy by the entirety by selling an interest in the property.

    Use some of that OT money to protect themselves.

    In short, their home can not be sold off to satisfy a judgment against them since their spouse owns part of the house.I'm retired sergeant and a lawyer was at a meeting a long time explaining this, telling us that it was put in place to protect coppers.The guys at the PBPA may not remember this being so many new faces but find a good lawyer and have him explain it to you and the guys.Hopefully, they will never need it and the lawyer can explain it better then I can.

    Stay safe and may God watch over all of you.
No harm in being properly prepared.


Saturday, June 20, 2020

It's Over....Again

We don't know why cops aren't getting the message. You'd be an idiot to bet against this happening here:
  • Colorado Governor Jared Polis (D), a progressive, signed an omnibus reform bill into law on Friday to end qualified immunity for police officers in the state.

    “This is a long overdue moment of national reflection,” Polis said at the signing ceremony. “This is a meaningful, substantial reform bill.”
You can tell this is a big deal to the lefty media. Look how they define "qualified immunity:"
  • Qualified immunity for police officers was invented by the Supreme Court in the 1967 case of Pierson v. Ray in response to Civil Rights protesters who sued a Mississippi judge andseveral local police officers over their unjust arrest andimprisonment.
"invented."But point out that Health Care is not a Right or that Roe v Wade was "invented" and listen to them scream.

The Colorado law explicitly puts your assets (house, car, bank accounts, pensions, etc) in play for any lawsuit.

Can you imagine this in front of a Cook County jury?

You'd better.


Prickwrinkle Panders

Amusingly, she runs the branch of government that could do with the most cost cutting and defunding in Illinois, and the nation:
  • A day after Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle voiced support for defunding police, the County Board on Thursday advanced a measure resolving to “redirect money from the failed and racist systems of policing.”

    The resolution introduced by Commissioner Brandon Johnson isn’t expected to result in radical changes to the cash-strapped county’s budget for next year. But it is expected to guide discussions as it advances to the board’s Criminal Justice Committee, amid a growing nationwide push by activists for local governments to shift money away from law enforcement in favor of social services.
Every government function of Cook County, aside from the jail and courts, is redundant and covered by either Chicago or the surrounding suburbs. In fact, in the text of the non-binding resolution is this little gem:
  • WHEREAS, across the country, spending grows on traditional law enforcement and incarceration with no correlation to metrics of success such as clearance rates or sense of safety. For example, despite a 50% decrease in the number of people incarcerated in the Cook County Jail between 2013 and 2020, the Cook County Department of Corrections budget grew 26% over the same time period....
Our readers have been pointing this out for years. Sheriff Fart actually went after a couple of County bloggers for revealing his out-of-control spending and lawsuit payouts. And don't even get us started about the numerous members of the media and their families making six-figure salaries under Dart's reign of error.


How About a National Boycott?

The FOP really ought to get together on a national level and start keeping track of these corporations caving in to terrorists:

It is truly astounding the amount of corporate pandering....as if their stores weren't going to be looted the minute law and order breaks down.


Friday, June 19, 2020

What Matters Again?

  • Cook County prosecutors Wednesday dropped murder charges against a man who was accused of carrying out one of the deadliest shootings in Chicago in recent years.

    Maurice Harris, now 22, was charged in April 2017 with fatally shooting four people at a restaurant in South Shore. He’d been held without bail at the Cook County Jail since his arrest three years ago.

    Court records show that the charges against Harris — more than two dozen counts of murder, attempted murder and aggravated discharge of a firearm — were dropped at a hearing Wednesday.
The Slum Times gives his lawyers a platform to spout their bullshit, none of which passes any sort of muster. We happen to know a bunch of the people working this case and it was some damn good investigating.

In the meantime, four murders go unpunished and (no doubt here) this murderer is going to try to sue the City for wrongful arrest.

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Deadlines Missed - So What?

This "consent decree" bullshit is so much fluff. Check out this fine reporting:
  • The independent monitor overseeing the federal consent decree aimed at reforming the Chicago Police Department issued a new report Thursday showing that the city missed over 70% of its court-ordered deadlines in the latest reporting period.

    Monitor Maggie Hickey’s accounting of the second semiannual reporting period, which was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, found that only 22 of the 74 deadlines were met between Sept. 1 of last year and Feb. 29. In the first year of the consent decree, the city has met 35 deadlines and missed 89 others.
There's a couple pretty graphs showing how the City has failed to meet it's supposed obligations to the "consent" decree. The article continues:
  • Despite missing the deadlines, the Independent Monitoring Team found the city has complied with 48 paragraphs of the consent decree in the first year, as well as 13 foundational paragraphs that don’t have deadlines. In the most recent reporting period, the CPD met the underlying requirements for 20 of the paragraphs with deadlines in year one.

    Nevertheless, the city failed to comply with 81 paragraphs with first year deadlines.
Then there's a few more graphs. But is there a single mention of what these "paragraphs" contain? What metrics the City failed to achieve?
  • Nope. Not a single mention of what was missed.

    The city missed "81 paragraphs."
That's some top-notch ace reporting right there. It's obvious to anyone with an IQ greater than that of a fire hydrant that these "paragraphs" are just wasting millions in taxpayer money.

You know what "paragraphs" aren't being met? The ones that the FOP is asking be enforced - Officer wellness, mental health, proper staffing and being overworked to the point of exhaustion. Which is why the Slum Times is not reporting what is actually contained in the paragraphs.


Zoinks! Lefty v Lefty

  • In the latest back and forth between two fierce political rivals, Mayor Lori Lightfoot expressed outrage Thursday over a tweet by the Chicago Teachers Union that she called “clearly racist” and an example of a “right-wing” tactic.

    There’s no love lost between the mayor and the ultra-progressive CTU, which gave Lightfoot her first major political test with an 11-day teachers strike last fall, just months after her election.

    After months of accusations by the CTU that Lightfoot’s school policies are racist, the tables turned as the mayor accused the union of tweeting an offensive meme.

    The CTU tweet, posted Wednesday evening, is a play on the ending of many episodes of the mystery cartoon “Scooby-Doo,” when the characters on the show capture and unmask the villain. In this case, the meme reveals the villain is Lightfoot in a Chicago police officer’s uniform. She is tied up with a rope around her torso and surrounded by the show’s characters, who are all white.
It's a poorly executed meme at best. We have all sorts of doubts that Groot could even pass the psych test and/or the physical requirements to be an actual officer. Plus the amount of hate she harbors for white males would preclude her from wearing the mask of the oppressors. Furthermore, we believe that Spielman and Issa are 100% wrong to assume Scooby-Doo's race. In these trans-racial times, he (she/xe) has brown fur, which would make him (her/xyr) externally Hispanic despite bearing the name of a Nordic tribe and of Germanic origin.

As for the CTU being "crime fighters" and discovering the nefarious plans of a disguised Groot, the CTU leadership is full of commie morons and the teachers are useful idiots since they keep electing the same assholes to "represent" them. They couldn't discover who ate all the snacks in the Mystery Machine.

Here's the offending picture:

By the way, it's always a safe bet that if you're the only one hearing the racism dog whistle, that you are the racist and not those trying to just make a joke at your expense.

Hilarious Rumor

This would be great if true:
  • Just in from a friend in the Arlington Texas mayors office, Arlington inlooking for a new Chief, guess who applied? Seems he wants to go home
Brownie seems to be realizing he's in over his head. The PAX 501 he put out hints at some desperation (please don't hate me) and it's going to be painfully obvious to everyone that he doesn't get to choose his own staff or First Deputy. He really isn't in control of anything and is nothing more than a stooge to a failing mayor. That isn't what people claiming to be Law Enforcement Professionals want to have on their resumes.

Plus, seeing him flee Chicago (along with the rest of the command staff) because of Groot would be such a kick in angry dwarf's teeth.


Thursday, June 18, 2020

Once More, Into the Breach

Supposedly, there was a call for volunteers to work their days off this weekend.

And also supposedly, there were quite a number of people stepping forward to do it. But not nearly enough for whatever plan is in place. This came out at 2345 hours last night:

After Atlanta, there shouldn't be a single volunteer.

The notice says "certain units" with no definition so far, which means there is no plan, just "Fuck your weekend plans, fuck your short weekend getaway, fuck your Father's Day."

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Atlanta PD Walks Out

If you've seen the video, you have seen the following:
  • A DUI of an initially compliant subject;
  • the subject ramps it up to 100 in a fraction of a second, fighting two officers and effectively keeping his hands free;
  • he disarms an officer of his taser - a less lethal weapon, but lethal in some cases. This is an incapacitation weapon, meaning the offender could upgrade to a gun;
  • he fires the taser, plain as day, on the video. If these are the new tasers, there's another shot ready to go, therefore immediate danger;
  • the officer fires and strikes the now armed assailant.
And for all of this, the officer is fired before the sun even came up and is facing a felony murder charge, for what under every single Use of Force model we can locate, and every Supreme Court decision we can look up,  is a justified shooting:
  • Prosecutors brought murder charges Wednesday against the white Atlantapolice officer who shot Rayshard Brooks in the back, saying that theblack man posed no threat when he was gunned down and that the officer kicked him and offered no medical treatment as he lay dying on theground.
The prosecutor blindsided the investigating agency with charges before the investigation was even complete.

The prosecutor is also facing an investigation of his own for outright corruption, stealing $195,000 from a program for minority children, making this an obvious ploy to distract from his own thievery.

And tonight, the Atlanta Police Department walked out of at least two precincts, possibly as many as four:
  • The head of Atlanta’s police union confirmed Wednesday that officers from the Atlanta Police Department in Zones 3 and 6 walked off the job Wednesday afternoon.

    Vince Champion, southeast regional director of the International Brotherhood of Police officers, said that police officers had stopped answering calls midshift, in response to charges against Officer Garrett Rolfe who is accused of murdering Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta.

    “The union, we would never advocate this. We wouldn’t advocate a blue flu,” Champion said. “We don’t know the numbers. Apparently we’re learning that command staff are asking outlying counties for support and aren’t getting it.”
Atlanta PD is getting a huge reason to be fetal from here on out. Perhaps the citizens will vote some of these corrupt pandering fools out of office.


FOP Goes to Court

  • Chicago’s police union wants a federal judge to force the city to give its officers more time to rest while seeking help from other police departments — or even the Illinois National Guard — rather than continue to force its officers to work consecutive 12-hour shifts.

    Following up on a promise earlier this week to go to court over the long work hours, the Fraternal Order of Police on Wednesday took its complaint to U.S. District Judge Robert Dow, the judge who oversees the consent decree meant to govern police reform in Chicago.

    “Over the last three weeks, officers have been deployed for consecutive 12 hour days with all regular days off and furlough time canceled,” FOP lawyer Joel D’Alba wrote in a court filing. “They are exhausted and worn out from the constant exposure to citizen protests and need longer work breaks. The City of Chicago is not complying with the wellness, health and safety obligations of the consent decree.”
If there were actual expectations of even-handedness behind the "consent" decree, the people overseeing it would hold the city to the standards set forth in it. But we all know that the purpose isn't "reform." It's the outright handcuffing and destruction of the police department. And the enrichment of assorted law firms and retired judges to oversee the destruction.

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Judge Misses His Mark

We've heard of "hanging judges" before, but not judges throwing haymakers:
  • A retired Cook County judge took a swing at a protester Saturday during a confrontation steps from a statue of Christopher Columbus in Little Italy that hours earlier had been defaced with paint.

    Robert Bertucci, who oversaw both criminal and civil cases during his career, is seen in a video talking with a young male protester at Arrigo Park, 801 S. Loomis, when the encounter became heated. Bertucci, identified by multiple sources who viewed the video, then took a swing, but didn’t land a punch.

    Chicago police officers witnessed the entire encounter and immediately restrained Bertucci, but ultimately let him go, the video shows.
No victim, no complaints, no crime. Plus, most of these "protestors" are just antagonistic little pussies who never benefited from a good spanking.


Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Groot's End Game

We are convinced that part of what Groot is doing, with these constant cancellings of days off when the weekend rolls around is to provoke some sort of job action (commonly referred to as a Blue Flu) and then go to friendly Cook County courts to declare the Contract null and void.

She isn't going to get the FOP to sit down to negotiate - she's (and Rahm) were skipping meetings for three years - it isn't going to happen now.

She isn't going to get "reform" in front of an arbitrator - they can only address issues that have been brought up in negotiations, and job protections were a non-starter with all FOP leadership.

Her only hope at this point, to get everything she wants and convince her voting base that she's the only one who can dismantle the CPD, is a court win throwing out the entire Contract due to an organized job action - something expressly forbidden in the Contract.

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Twelves Again??? (UPDATE)

This has to be some sort of Labor Law violation. Without an actual emergency, you can't just keep canceling days off when the weekend rolls around:

Anyone in Day Off Group 65 (midnight 66 we think) is working at least twenty-two days in a row without a break.

Anyone in a Sunday-Monday day off group (and there are hundreds of detectives, teams and others) will be working 28 days straight at a minimum, and most of those 12-on-12-off.

This isn't healthy. It's breaking people. There has already been one death most probably due to exhaustion and our birdies in Personnell tell us PAR forms to retire a miles ahead of last year, meaning big staff shortages on the horizon.

The FOP hand delivered a four page letter to Brownies Office yesterday outlining the Contractual steps and possible steps a lawsuit might take should this constant 12 hour schedule go forward. Looks like it's time to pull the trigger.

UPDATE: Fake? Or they're just waiting until 2345 hours Thursday night to cancel everyone's weekend plans like they did last week?


Tick Tock Brownie

Tick Tock:

That counter is over a day old by the way....it might be a bit low.

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Interesting Idea

If the FOP wants to really be a pain in Groot's ass, they ought to seriously look into this:
  • A new group appointed to review the Chicago Police Department’suse-of-force policy came under immediate fire Monday after its communityco-chair referred to police officers as “psychopaths with guns.”
The FOP should demand that the city take one day notifications from drug testing unit random call-ins and instead, ask the officers to submit to a nationally recognized psychiatric test. Then when the results come back as "not psychotic," sue the shit out of this ignoramus.


This Made Us Chuckle

And lately, it's been pretty hard to find a laugh:
  • OT - "Big Ern" Cato put a blanket CR on the mounted unit. During therioting in 011 he was screaming on the radio that the mounted units werejust standing at the intersections and not actively engaging therioters. When the chief arrived he explained that the blue traffic"horses" are design to block of streets and are not part of the mountedunit and are not to be ridden by police officers.
This pretty much captures the current Area 4 leadership in a nutshell.


Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Officer Wounded

  • A Chicago police officer was shot in the knee Monday night on the South Side.

    Around 6:30 p.m., officers tried to stop someone in the 5000 block of South King Drive in the Bronzeville neighborhood who was wanted for aggravated assault with a handgun on June 10 in the 5000 block of South Washington Park Court, Chicago police said. As officers approached, the person pulled out a gun and fired shots at the officers, hitting one in the right knee.

    The officer was taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center in good condition, police said.

    The officers did not fire shots during the incident, police said.
You know what we haven't seen? Any comment from City Hall decrying the violence against the police. We've had near daily attacks on the FOP by Groot, to the point of manufacturing a popcorn scandal, but pretty much not a single sincere comment even hinting that people should step back from the brink and perhaps just obey the law. You can tell that Groot wants a broken and demoralized police force.


Retirements On Tap?

Rumor popping up that Riccio and Waller have both submitted their papers to leave.

Let the jockeying for who gets to give Groot horsey-rides on their backs begin.


Catanzara on Fire

First, he rips on the twelve-hour days that have not only sapped the strength of the Department, it has wreaked havoc on health and cost an officer his life:
  • The Fraternal Order of Police plans to go to court to force Chicago to cancel 12-hour shifts, saying they are a hazard to already burned-out Chicago police officers. Union president John Catanzara also tied the longer shifts to the death of an off-duty officer after a carbon monoxide leak in that officer’s Albany Park home, calling it “clearly a tragic accident due to exhaustion.”

    The longer shifts were instituted to deal with protests, riots and looting in the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. They have now resumed amid concern the fatal shooting of 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks by a white police officer in Atlanta will trigger another round of mayhem in Chicago.

    [...] Catanzara said the police contract is clear: To justify 12-hour days, the mayor and police superintendent first must declare an emergency. That was not done this time. And it wasn’t done before 12-hour shifts were ordered in response to rampant looting and mayhem the last weekend in May that destroyed parts of downtown, then spread into South and West side neighborhoods.

    “When you work past 12 [hours] you’re entitled to a second lunch. They didn’t even get a first one. A lot of `em were dumped in the middle of these neighborhoods with no rest room whatsoever,” the union president said.

    “Female officers were literally forced to go into alleys behind dumpsters to use the restroom. There was no food. There was no drink. It was disgusting the planning and preparation for the men and women of this police department that was not done by the upper brass and the mayor.”
And then he goes off on Groot's hand-picked Use of Force "reform" co-chair, who appears to be an out-and-out militant psycho with projection issues:
  • A new group appointed to review the Chicago Police Department’s use-of-force policy came under immediate fire Monday after its community co-chair referred to police officers as “psychopaths with guns.” Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara demanded the resignation of co-chair Arewa Karen Winters, saying her remarks make it clear the working group will be little more than a kangaroo court.

    Winters’ fiery rhetoric dominated a City Hall news conference called to announce the 20-member group Winters will co-chair along with CPD Deputy Chief Ernest Cato, one of three finalists for the superintendent’s job that went to retired Dallas Police Chief David Brown. Winters is a leader of Justice for Families and The 411 Movement for Pierre Loury. She is the great-aunt of Loury, and formed the latter group after Loury, 16, was killed by Chicago police in April 2016.
Cato ought to resign this "group" immediately as it's clear to everyone, including Helen Keller, what the agenda is. And Groot even considering this moron as any sort of fair or balanced or and kind of open mind is a joke - she's as closed minded as any unreconstructed racist, blinded by hate and driven only by her failures.

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Faster Please

As we've stated here numerous times, please make our job easier:
  • Three aldermen are proposing the termination of a $33 million contract between the Chicago Police Department and Chicago Public Schools after two weeks of widespread protests have rejuvenated efforts to remove officers from schools.

    The aldermen plan to introduce an ordinance at Wednesday’s City Council meeting that would permanently end the relationship between the police department and public school system and prevent another contract from being signed.

    But the proposal faces a tall task: convincing Mayor Lori Lightfoot, whose support will likely be necessary for the ordinance to pass. The mayor’s background includes a stint as the Police Board president, and earlier this month, in the face of protests, she opposed the removal of cops from schools.

    Activists across the country have demanded police-free schools for years, pointing to detrimental impacts on students of color whose behavior in school is criminalized and leads to a “school-to-prison pipeline,” in which in-school incidents lead directly to criminal charges and jail.
The $33 million argument is a sleight-of-hand - it's all Chicago taxpayer money, it's just shifted around under different headings.

And barring a criminal act, Police shouldn't be anywhere near a school.


Booby Sets Up Another?

Someone speculated that Groot is running into the Machine buzz-saw. The old guard is getting sick and tired of her "my way or the highway" attitude and they engineered the leak of her profanity ridden call with the aldercreatures.

This would also explain why it's looking more and more like the ultimate set-up weasel Booby Rush (see Fred Hampton) may have set up Groot with looking like a total idiot with his popcorn stunt:
  • The president of the Fraternal Order of Police said Monday he has talked to all of the rank-and-file police officers who, as he put it, “guarded” U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush’s South Side campaign office and is more convinced than ever they did nothing wrong.

    FOP President John Catanzara said the officers accused by Mayor Lori Lightfoot of sleeping on a couch, popping popcorn and drinking coffee in Rush’s burglarized office while looters had a field day in the same strip mall were in the parking lot of a Home Depot at 87th Street and the Dan Ryan Expressway earlier on the night of May 31.

    Then, “at some point in the night, they were reassigned to 55th and State Street … at the behest of someone in the upper ranks of the police department. ... There was no other purpose to be there other than the fact that Bobby Rush’s office was there and it wasn’t destroyed like everything else,” Catanzara said.

    “Who made the call is what I want to know. And did the same person have a conversation with any of Bobby Rush’s people? That’s why we have FOIA requests already tendered to find that information out. She can say it’s not true. But is she gonna issue an apology when it turns out to be otherwise?”
Very very big rumor from our IAD spies that Groot wanted everyone stripped and charged with "burglary." As any cop knows, for a burglary charge to stick, there must be "an unlawful entering or remaining" within a property to commit a theft therein.If they were invited in (and it's looking like they were ordered to be there) then burglary is a legal impossibility. It also seems IAD knows who gave the order and is sitting on the info until the furor dies down before they kill the investigation.

And the Slum Times of all media is giving the police side extensive play in a couple of articles. Everyone remembers who the Slum Times answers to? Are there are larger forces at play here?



Order here:   UPDATE: this is the link. Right here. Click it:

Fun times from an old blogger with the naughty name.


Monday, June 15, 2020

When Does CPD Start This?

Stop expecting police to fix what it took democrat policies decades to completely screw up. We are not and never should have been tasked with social work:
  • San Francisco police will stop responding to neighbor disputes, reports on homeless people, school discipline interventions, and other non-criminal activities as part of a police reform plan the mayor announced Thursday.

    Mayor London Breed released her plan Thursday morning.

    Under the proposal, sworn officers will no longer respond to non-criminal activities and will be replaced with trained and non-armed professionals.
Fielding such a "force" of unarmed and trained "professionals" will be expensive and the logistics near impossible to figure out, but we look forward to it. And then, when they unionize (as all government workers do eventually) and strike, we can get a bunch of popcorn from Booby Rush and watch the entertainment.


Nice City Groot

  • Police are investigating after a 12-year-old boy was shot early Sunday in Humboldt Park.

    Just before 12:45 a.m., CPD was called to the 2800 block of West Division Street on the report of a shooting.

    Police said a 12-year-old boy was standing on a sidewalk when he sustained gunshot wounds to both knees. His family was attending a Puerto Rican celebration at the time.

    The boy was taken to Stroger Hospital in good condition.
Leaving aside the fact that a 12-year-old was out partying at 1245 AM, can you see what the police did wrong?

The correct answer is "nothing at all."

Quick! Reform the CPD!


Rush to Judgement - Atlanta

So does someone want to tell us exactly at what point it becamelegal and proper to fight, disarm and shoot things at the police? Because we must have missed that over the last fifty years. And get a load of what Atlanta has decided all on its own:
  • A TALE OF TWO INCIDENTS by The Atlanta DA's Office and the Atlanta Mayor.

    Incident 1) 5 Atlanta Police Officers fired last week for using a taser to remove two college students from a car. Officers were fired because the Atlanta District Attorney's Office deemed the Officer's use of the taser was DEADLY PHYSICAL FORCE.

    Incident 2) A suspect who failed a field sobriety test and deemed Driving While Intoxicated resists arrest, fights with police, steals the officers taser (robbery) and escapes. During the pursuit, the suspect turns and fires the taser at the officer's head and was shot and eventually dies. The Atlanta mayor calls for the Officer to be fired because he used deadly physical force against a taser.

    BURNING QUESTION: Why is using a taser considered Deadly Physical Force when it's used by a police officer but not Deadly Physical Force when used against a police officer by a suspect?
The mayor of Atlanta has unilaterally put the taxpayers on the hook for monumental judgements....in favor of police. Hopefully, they win big and retire in style.

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Popcorn Fundraiser

  • In the early morning of June 1st 2020, Chicago Police Officers were tasked with securing the office of Congressman and Black Panther Bobby Rush, after it had been broken into and looted.After days of Civil Unrest withing the City, these Officers were tasked with securing the office of the Congressman, who has previously filed complaints against Police Officers, only for them to be dismissed when Officers body cameras showed he was blatantly lying.

    One would think that Officers would be leery to spend any amount of time in the office of an unethical politician who has a history of lying and been investigated by The Office of Congressional Ethics on more than one occasion, however after being on their second 12 hour shift, with less than 5 hours in between the two, the Officers followed orders and secured the office.After days of being on their feet and left at various lootedlocations of the City, these Officers had the audacity to not only sit down in the office, but to also eat the Congressman's popcorn.In a press release, the Congressman was appalled that they would dare eat his popcorn during a riot, however given his questionable spending practices in the past, one could deduce that tax payers most likely paid for that popcorn.

    Since the Congressman is upset enough to hold a press conference to tell everyone that police officers ate his popcorn, we are raising funds to have a gigantic bag of popcorn sent to his office on behalf of the tax payers who most likely bought the original batch that the Officers ate.A large bag from Walmart, which contains 175 cups of popcorn, is $57.98 with delivery.Everything collected beyond the $57.98 will be donated to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, which supports the families of Officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice protecting this City and its citizens, yes even citizens such as Congressman Bobby Rush.So please help replace Bobby's precious popcorn so we don't have to have our daytime television interrupted again, justto listen to a grown man cry about popcorn.
It looks like you can't contribute anything less than $5, but they've already raised over $275.


COPA Shooting

  • A man who works for the city agency that investigates allegations of misconduct by Chicago police officers is now under investigation himself after he allegedly fired a handgun at two men while trying to reclaim his stolen car Sunday morning, according to CPD, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA), and a source.

    Chicago cops heard gunfire near the 1300 block of South Central Park around 5:30 a.m. Sunday and began following a vehicle that was leaving the area of the shots. ShotSpotter gunfire technology reportedly detected three gunshots on that block at the same time.

    Police pulled the car over and interviewed the 39-year-old driver. The man, who reportedly works as a COPA investigator and as an auxiliary police officer for a west suburb, is a concealed carry license holder, according to Chicago police.

    The COPA employee told police that he saw two people getting into his stolen vehicle on the 1300 block of South Central Park and he fired two shots at the men who then fled in the stolen car, according to a CPD spokesperson. Chicago police detectives are investigating.
When a cop gets arrested or charged or convicted of a crime, every single case he touches is pretty much toast. Look it up. So now, every single investigation by this jackass needs to be tossed out, based solely on the evidence and information at hand.

It's only fair that the same rules apply across the board.


LAPD Refuses Overtime

  • While many who participated in “protests” in Los Angeles over the last few weeks are probably being paid to stay home and not work, thousands of Los Angeles Police Department officers have put in more than a hundred hours of tactical alert overtime each and are now being told they won’t be paid for it.

    LAPD Chief Michel Moore sent an email June 12 to “Department Personnel,” a copy of which was obtained by RedState, informing them that “During this extraordinary time…the Department has expended more than $40 million in overtime expenses,” exceeding the budgetary reserve, and that “as of June 7, 2020…compensation for overtime shall be in the form of time at the appropriate rate.”
This runs afoul of a number of Labor laws and Federal statutes. If you ain't paying, rest assured, we ain't showing up. That's not a job action.

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