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MR_LUV's Scion tC

I don't think it's any surprise that MR_LUV really loves his RS tC, so stop by his page and show him some additional love. But, keep it PG - this is a family site.
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Interested in a standalone ECU for your 05-06 Scion tC?
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亚洲电影在线观看 SqMK wants to make someones standalone ECU dream come true with a never used, brand newish AEM EMS kit compatible for a 2005-2006 Scion tC.

If you are interested in an AEM EMS standalone ECU for your Scion tC, make your way to THIS FORUM THREAD.


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Add looks and additional horsepower to your car by applying a fashionable Club Scion tC decal to you...
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