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    Steering shroud plastics



    Gs 300 sport alloy wheels

    亚洲人体艺术Have a set on mine too. Nice classy not in your face wheels. The TTE centre caps are rarer than the wheels.


    BPU Boost Controllers

    Using basic items is not a bad thing, some of the quicker BPU cars I've ever seen don't even use a boost controller, but the choice of parts on the exhaust



    Well done. Good too see you checked the inner crevasses. Nice work



    Good work I say buddy would be surprising how many "mint" supras would look like that inside with damp in the air, condensation, and water geting


    Range Rover restoration

    All black RR, people with think your up to something untoward Dunk. All you need to do now is call the car Charlie

  • Supra Garage

    Freshly painted calipers and \'Supra\' decalSold and now very missed.