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Precision CNC Jig Grinding Marchine

PacificJig Grinding, Inc. is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.  The company was established in Redmond, Washington in 1991and subsequently moved to Southern California in 1999.  We are centrally located in Irvine in North Orange County.

The owner, John Parker, brings over 30years of jig grinding experience to the company and he and his employees are committedto providing accurate, high quality, affordable jig grinding that is criticalto our customers' success.  We also workclosely with customers during their design phase to help save both time andmoney.   

Our customer base includes both largeand small companies from around the country in industries such as aerospace,mold making, tool and die, medical, gage manufacturing, to name just afew. 

Many years of precision grinding expertise makes Pacific Jig Grinding the complete solution to all your precision grinding needs.



9269 Research Drive
Irvine, CA 92618-4286
Phone: 949-453-1555 . Fax: 949-453-8355
Email: john@pacjig.com



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