五月色晴天Mission Statement

To reach those who want change in their life. To share knowledge of God’s word on the path of life given to each of us.


“Keep JESUS in your heart” Easy to do, right? I wish it were so.

I am guilty of talking to others (even though they can’t hear me) about their driving. I am guilty of forming an opinion and not having all the facts. Being judgmental. I am guilty of not loving all my neighbors for being themselves. The list goes on. These are some of mine. I am sure you have your own.

The point being even we Christians are not near as perfect as we think we are. It is no wonder non-believers/others think we Christians are hypocrites. This ministry, I hope will help them change their mind about us, and even want to become one of us. A member of God’s Kingdom.

May CHRIST Reign Through You

“Keep JESUS in your heart”