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国产国产成年在线视频区At Shadow Process Service, our professional staff is committed to serving your legal documents throughout Wisconsin and nationwide at affordable rates. With three decades of experience, we offer top-quality, effective attorney services for accelerating your legal matters. From lawsuits, to child support, to wage garnishments, and more, we are ready to meet your process service needs anywhere; anytime.

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Locally owned and operated, Shadow Process Service has been the premier legal process server in Wisconsin since 1987. But we’re not constricted to just Wisconsin. In fact, we regularly serve defendants in neighboring states and Canada. So if you need a reliable process server company in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, or any state from New York to California and back, make us your first call and we’ll get the job completed swiftly.

We consider it a privilege to have served the legal needs of residents throughout the region for nearly 30 years. Our highly-trained and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with serving divorce, child support, and lawsuit papers. We offer process serving of divorce decrees, child support papers and lawsuit papers. We also work with subpoenas, foreclosures, eviction notices, and wage garnishments. Our mission is to produce quality service for our clients at reasonable rates.

At Shadow Process Service, LLC, we know you are counting on our services in WI to deliver documents in a timely manner. That’s why we are committed to detailed work that ensures our part of your matter is professional, efficient and effective. Our staff is ready to help you with your needs.

We want you to join our long list of satisfied customers, as we serve all of Wisconsin and customers nationwide. We offer many benefits to each of our clients, including:


#2 We are a certified member of NAPPS.

#3 Our expertise includes legal process service for a wide range of legal matters.

#4 We are fully bonded and insured.

#5 We are committed to accuracy, efficiency and affordability.


Contact the experienced team at Shadow Process Service today for any concerns of legal process.

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Process Serving Laws in Wisconsin

Shadow Process Service abides by all Wisconsin process serving laws and those of each state and country in which we operate; including the following:

When filing a lawsuit in the state of Wisconsin, Section 801.11 of Wisconsin’s rules of civil procedure describes the steps you must take to properly notify other parties to the claim. The goal behind process serving laws is to ensure each party to a lawsuit is notified that a claim has been filed against them.

Personal Service

Wisconsin laws provide a variety of options for serving a summons. Ideally, the state would like each party to physically receive a copy of the summons by the process server agency. This is called “personal service.”

The process server needs to be an adult over eighteen years of age, who is in no way a party to the claim. However, physically giving someone papers is not always possible or practical, especially if the opposing parties know a lawsuit is imminent. While judges don’t look kindly upon parties who avoid being served, an evasive defendant can still lead to costly delays.

Fortunately, the law makes special provisions for these unusual circumstances.

Due Diligence

When it’s difficult to track down an opposing party for personal service, process servers must demonstrate that they exercised due diligence in attempting to find the defendant. This means that the process server must make a reasonably thorough effort to locate the person to be served.

“Due diligence” has been further defined by case law: Wisconsin courts have held, for example, that using another method of service (called “substituted service”) after two phone calls and no effort to learn where the party was residing is not a reasonable exercise of due diligence. (Heaston v. Austin, 47 Wis.2d 67, 176 N.W.2d 309.)

In another case, the court held that a husband couldn’t use substituted service on his wife when he easily could have contacted her relatives to ascertain her whereabouts. His due diligence was not deemed sufficient to use a method of substituted service called “service by publication.” (West v. West, 82 Wis.2d 158, 262 N.W.2d 87.)

Things get more complicated when you’re serving businesses, local governments, school districts and other large entities. It’s important to make sure the summons is given to a person who will direct the notice through to the appropriate channels to a decision maker regarding the matter.

Substituted Service

If it’s not possible to locate a party and the process server has exercised due diligence, Wisconsin, and most state’s, lawmakers have provided several more ways to notify them of a pending lawsuit against them. Substituted service can include leaving the summons with a person at the party’s residence, with an agent at a place of business, service by mail and service by publication.

Each option is available only after reasonable attempts have been made to personally serve the party, and has its own specific subset of requirements to fulfill before service is deemed proper.

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Remember, we’re here to make the legal process as streamlined as possible for you! At Shadow Process Service, we know you are counting on our diligence to deliver documents in a timely manner. Which is why we are committed to detailed work; ensuring our part of your matter is professional, efficient, and effective time and time again.

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We offer the best in process serving to the entire state of Wisconsin, including the following areas. We serve all states in the U.S. and abroad too!

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See what our customers are saying:
“I really appreciate how Shadow Process does business – very respectful, good people who work hard to help out of state vendors to find their man or woman. They were willing to work with our company to avoid stacking up fees when our person proved difficult to locate/serve. They were timely, and also communicative and easy to get in touch with – a definite plus. I highly recommend their services for the state of Wisconsin – you won’t find someone better.”

– Grace L. (Halder, Wisconsin)

“Shadow Process is wicked fast and very friendly and easy to work with!”

– Theresa Laughlin (Wisconsin)

“First time using their services and definitely will recommend them. Thanks Don!”

– Jesse C. (Mosinee, Wisconsin)

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