戴桂琴戴桂琴, Amour Bohemian, an immense project featuring contributions from 65 different artists, including the 30-piece Prague FILMharmonic, who have collaborated with everyone from Werner Herzog & Quentin Tarantino to the Arcade Fire, Joanna Newsom and Adele. Members of The Growlers & The Blank Tapes are also featured on the album, which Oh Sees’ John Dwyer is already calling “a masterpiece.”


Mixing punk band (Throwing Rocks: https://throwingrockspunk.bandcamp.com/). Before and After Mix. The first mix is what they left the recording studio with. The second mix is what I did with the same raw tracks. They used my version on their album.


Mixing Merch’s (Sassafrasrecords) second full length album “This Betrayal Will be Our End” for vinyl.


Mixing and Mastering Black Angel’s album Pleasuredom. Currently Mixing their forthcoming album.

Mixing for Petejota.

Mixing and recording vocals for Oakland Rapper Keniven and Producer Aitsme “Aitzy” Foggie.

Mixing/Producing for Late Stage Empire. Here is a snip of the before and after.


Sound design and music for iPhone game

Composition and recording original music for Philips New Year’s microsite. The site earned a New York Festivals Finalist Certificate where you can find me listed for sound.

Composition and recording original music for WellHome tradeshow video. The first song is the one they choose the second was my pick.

Composition and recording original music for the Nissan Quest Website.

Sound design and music composition for iphone game by SlowLife Games.