VLP® Rotary Switch Digitran has been a pioneer in the Electro Mechanical Switch Market for almost half a century. We have been Providing High Reliable Switches around the globe for Aerospace companies, military and civilian platforms. Our high reliability and quality materials used in manufacturing have built a standard by which other switch manufacturers are measured. Aerospace, Airplane Cockpit, Customized Rotary Switches Digitran RoHS compliant Switches Digitran Very Low Profile Rotary SwitchDigitran VLP? Rotary Switches low amp switches low amperage switches Thumbwheel switches
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Digitran has evolved existing high reliability electromechanicalswitches to include a new series of Very Low Profile (VLP®) rotary switch standardproducts and custom designs. The VLP® rotary switch line takes Digitran'sproven mil-spec Digital Switch technology that is currently in use world wide in manyaerospace and military applications, adds a patented space reducing mechanismto develop the worlds first patentedVery Low Profile ® Rotary Switchfamily of products.

These switches have thelowest behind-the-panel depth (Post Panel Depth) of any similarly ratedrotary switches in the industry with as little as 0.142 inch depth. This provides moreroom for additional system components, as well as the least possible weight forany rotary switch. In most applications, Digitran's multi-deck rotary switches haveless post panel depth than the most single deck switches, allowing easyreplacement and substitutions. All switches are 100% made in USA inan AS9100D Registered facility.

AS9100D | ISO9001:2015
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