Reduce your shipping problems through our over-the-road transportation management solutions and the Cerasis Rater TMS.

Take Control

a片视频Know where your inbound and outbound shipments are at all times

Save Time

Alleviate the time consuming task of finding the right carrier for your freight

Reduce Costs

Fewer shipping problems saves money so you can do more with less


  • Your shipping data is fragmented and tracking is a nightmare
  • Freight arrives poorly packaged or damaged
  • You’re losing customers, vendors and/or revenue
  • It’s too hard and time consuming to find reliable carriers
  • It’s too hard to understand your overall transportation footprint spend in order to manage budgets
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As a shipper, you know over the road carrier procurement & transportation management can be tricky and time-consuming, and you’re under a lot of pressure to reduce overall costs and provide accounting and data visibility to your organization. We believe you shouldn’t have to spend so much time and excessive costs looking for dependable quality over-the-road carriers for parcel, LTL, and full truckload moves, and you should be able to easily get shipping data to analyze shipping history to improve ongoing practices.



In partnering with Cerasis, shippers gain access to a web-based Transportation Management System (TMS), the Cerasis Rater, offering modules for e-commerce management, enterprise parcel shipping, reverse logistics, and a vendor portal for inbound routing.

In addition to efficient shipping technology, shippers enjoy value-added solutions for freight claims management, freight invoice auditing, and carrier relationship management services to negotiate & maintain rates.

Put an end to shipping problems misery. Schedule a free consultation to get closer to problem-free shipping than ever before.

Learn about the Cerasis Rater Transportation Management System (TMS)Watch the Video Below?

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The Problem-Free Shipping Plan


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Get white glove onboarding and enablement so you can succeed with the Cerasis Rater TMS


Regain control of your shipping, save time and save money

The Cerasis Shipper Guarantee

  • We will always give you 100% transparency with pricing
  • We will always communicate with you in a timely manner through Your Shipper Account Team
  • You will always maintain control of your carrier relationships
  • We will always advocate for freight terms in your best interest
  • We will always scale with you as you grow, no matter how many users and locations you may have
  • We will never outsource our TMS, so we are not beholden to the whims or idiosyncrasies of other TMS providers
  • We will always check and personally review freight invoices for accuracy
  • We will be available to help you 24/7/365
  • We will handle all your freight claims process, beginning to end

About Cerasis

At Cerasis, we believe you should be able to source dependable carriers without spending too much time and money and easily provide reports to your leaders. That’s why we’ve helped 1000s of shippers with over the road transportation management technology and solutions since 1997.

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