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Unitech-ENB Satellite Campus Initiative

Unitech-ENB Satellite Campus Initiative

The ENB Satellite Campus Awareness is an initiative being undertaken by the East New Britain Community in Lae.The initiative involves creating awareness and gauging support from all stakeholders on the need for an East New Britain Satellite Campus of The Papua New Guinea University of Technology (Unitech) to be established in East New Britain.


The main objective is to offer greater educational opportunity to eligible students to pursue university studies back in the Province at comparatively minimum costs.

The Papua New Guinea University of Technology (Unitech) Satellite Campus Program
Unitech Satellite Campus Program is based on four main pillars and offered to interested Provincial Governments who wish to give greater opportunity to eligible students in their provinces to pursue university studies after successful completion of grade 12 and meet university entrance requirements.A good number of eligible students usually miss out due to the fact that all universities can only cater for a certain number of intakes each year.

The four main pillars 

1. Curriculum

Unitech no longer offer its diploma courses at the main campus. These diploma courses will be offered at the satellite campuses forming the core of the satellite campus curriculum.
2. Students

Eligible students who have completed Grade 12 and meet Unitech entry requirements but fail to get an offer due to quota requirements at PNG universities will have this opportunity to study at university at the satellite campus. These students should also receive tuition fees from the Provincial Governments or other sources similar to the current.

3. Qualified Academics

Unitech has qualified teaching staff who will do content delivery and assessment online but with some face to face contact mostly at the beginning of course commencement. Assessment will be conducted using Google Classroom.Google Classroom is currently in use by academic staff and students at Unitech.

4. Infrastructure

The location in the Province and infrastructure set and upkeep is the responsibility of the Provincial Government.Two important factors that must be carefully considered when selecting an appropriate location are accessibility and telecommunication.

In terms of sharing responsibilities Pillars 1 and 3 are the main responsibilities of Unitech while Pillars 2 and 4 are the responsibilities of the Provincial Governments.

Current Awareness

Initial awareness is being done by the ENB community in Lae. The East New Britain community in Lae includes Unitech students and staff, public servants, and the private sector. A team of representatives from these groups of ENB people have been holding meetings in an effort to gauge support from the Unitech Administration, East New Britain Provincial Government, and other stakeholders.The executive comprises the Chairman (Ismael K. Isikel), Secretary (Francis Kikile), Treasurer (Mrs Polin Kavanamur) and committee members comprising Brian Waongo, Bessie Mina, Rommie Mar, Erica Rennie, and Eileen Mararang.

The team now continues to hold meetings.On two separate occasions the team, including other ENB staff, met with PVC Admin Professor Kaul Gena and later with the Chairman of Satellite Campus Committee Dr Maquin Maino.Professor Gena briefed the team on the first satellite campus established in Simbu Province which starts classes in 2019. We certainly have learnt a few things from the Simbu Satellite campus which will help us to work towards our drive in facilitating the establishment of the East New Britain Satellite Campus. Dr Maino gave a presentation highlighting the satellite campus program especially the four main pillars and responsibilities. The four main pillars are: 1.Curriculum; 2. Clients (students); 3. Qualified Academics; and 4. Infrastructure. In terms of sharing responsibilities Pillars 1 and 3 are the main responsibilities of Unitech while Pillars 2 and 4 are the responsibilities of the Provincial Governments.

All diploma courses will be offered online in the satellite campus. In addition, and for clarification, the Unitech Satellite Campus program does not offer matriculation studies.

Undoubtedly the Satellite Campus will allow more eligible students to have the option of studying diploma courses back in the Province at comparatively minimum cost. A good number of eligible students usually miss out due to the fact that all universities can only cater for a certain number of intakes each year.

Equipped with this information and the big task of carrying out awareness, the group is now preparing to do fundraising to assist staff and students carry out awareness on the Satellite Campus program. The fund raising will take place in the middle of September, 2018. ENB Day in Lae will be used to conduct initial awareness and raise funds especially for awareness purposes for the ENB Satellite Campus.

Ismael K. Isikel
Chairman, Unitech-ENB Satellite Campus Initiative

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Welcome to Matheson Library’s Reader service, Papua New Guinea University of Technology, Lae.

This service aims to provide equitable access to information resources to support the information, research and learning endeavors of students and staff of the  Papua New Guinea University of Technology and the community.

Library hours

  • Mond-Thurs 8a.m – 10 p.m
  • Friday 8a.m -4 p.m
  • Saturday1p.m-5 p.m
  • Sunday1p.m-5 p.m

Hours of operation are subject to change during holidays, and inter-semester breaks.


Students and other category of borrowers must have a current validated ID to register with the library

Membership for students is renewable yearly. Staff membership extends till end of employment period.

Special conditions apply to the rest of the category.

Loan period

Students:-10 items for a month
Staff, Council Members Authorized Borrowers, Short term visitors, scholars, Institutions all have different conditions for borrowing.

(Ask staff for borrowing limits of these categories)

Lending collection

Items for loan are from: Main Collection; Vertical File; Videos; and Fiction.

Closed Access collections

Materials in this collection comprise:

  • Reference books
  • Journals
  • Maps
  • Standards
  • Rare books
  • Video tapes
  • Photographs
  • Revised laws of Papua New Guinea
  • Exam Papers
  • Special Reserve

Special conditions apply.

Inter-Library Loans

This services exists to cater for information materials not available in-house

See staff for assistance

When to borrow

Borrowing may
Lending services close 15 minutes before the advertised library closing time. Plan ahead please.

Borrowing conditions
Use your OWN current validated ID to borrow.

Any items damaged or defaced while in the users care will be charged for.

Damaged / Lost Books

The cost for a damaged and lost book is K220.00.

Overdue Items

Overdue items accumulate at a rate of 50 toea per item per day.

A note will be sent with the overdue fine advising method of payment.

Return books well before the due date to avoid the penalty.


Use the 24 hour book drop or Circulation Desk to return library items.

Borrowed library items left on desks, shelve and trolleys are not considered as returned.

Special Reserve

One item per loan

2 hour limit use in the building. A renewal is possible if no one else has reserved the item

A penalty fine of K1.00 per hour applies to overdue special reserve items.

Exam papers

Exam papers are in demand and may be borrowed for photocopying only in the building. Special conditions apply.


Present all items for renewals at the Circulation desk

Items reserved for another user cannot be renewed.

Library items on loan may be reserved. Staff at the Circulation desk will assist with the reservations.


All circulating materials are subject to a recall anytime for another user

A penalty applies to late returns of recalled items.

Photocopying & Printing

This service is available on the Ground floor. Rates are available

Lost / Stolen ID

Report lost and stolen ID’s to duty staff at the Circulation desk without delay.


Borrowing privileges will be denied for overdue books and unpaid fines.

Results may be withheld until outstanding fines are resolved and salaries may be deducted in the case of staff

If an item is not returned or renewed promptly, it will be deemed lost and the borrower charged the lost book fine or an exact replacement copy is required.


Clearance forms are only signed by designated staff.

General conditions and rules

Stealing is a crime.

No BUAI, DRINKS & FOOD are to be consumed in the building. However, ‘Bottled’ water is allowed

Do not spit in the rubbish bins, please, it’s a health hazard.

Handle books with clean hands

Do not write or make notes in books

Graffiti on tables, desk tops building walls is not allowed. Anyone caught in the act will be referred to the Disciplinary authority on campus.

Mobile phones should be turned low in the building.

Any valuables taken into the library remains the sole responsibility of the individual.

Remain alert at all times in the building, particularly in times of evacuation for disasters or special emergencies.

Change of Address

Inform Circulation staff of any address change.

Further Enquiries:

Ask staff on duty for further assistance


Call Phone: 4734358

Fax: 4734363

Email: libinfo@lib.unitech.ac.pg

Note: This post was prepared by the Reader Services and edited by this blogger.

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LA102 Notes


Topic: Library Research Skills


Note: This is for students in LA102 at Unitech.  Follow this link to access the power point presentation.


Monday, 14 March 2016

Open Access and Free Academic Databases

Ismael K. Isikel
Matheson Library
Papua New Guinea University of Technology

A short list of web addresses for Open Access and Free Academic Databases on a wide variety of subjects is provided here for staff and students to find information in relation to study, learning, teaching,  research, and personal interests. It is simply helping to point you where to look, if you don’t know where to start looking. Please note I am not responsible for content and any changes in any of these databases. This is simply pointing out where to search. Any changes in location of databases on the Internet are usually posted on the previous site directing the users where to look next.

A search on the Internet showed the following open access databases, free academic databases and search engines available that users can easily follow and find journal articles and books. Nearly all of these are available free and in full text. The list is arranged in three sections: 1. Open Access Journals; 2. Free Academic Databases; and 3. Other Places to Look for Free Databases. The section's headings are highlighted in light blue.

Categorized, searchable links to free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals.
All articles published in Elsevier open access journals are peer reviewed and upon acceptance will be immediately and permanently free for everyone to read ...
Wiley Open Access is a program of fully open access journals. All research articles published in Wiley Open Access journals are immediately freely available to ...
OMICS Group is currently managing more than 300 Open Access journals with quality peer review and copyediting process. Find the List of Open Access ...
Open Access Journals Search Engine (OAJSE). Open Access Journals in the World (excluding India). Search for Articles in Open Access Journals. Loading ...
Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems (GI) is an open accessinterdisciplinary electronic journal for swift publication of original articles and ...
OPEN ACCESS JOURNALS. African Journal of Information & Communication Technology. African Journal of Information and Communication Technology ...
Free Scientific Journals On Alhea.com
Great Results For You on Alhea.com!
Search multiple engines for
free journals
Royal Society open access journal
by scientists for scientists
http://www.wholeagain.com/free_academic_databases.html contains many useful and free full text databases.
AGNIC- Agriculture Network Information Center and AgInfo
AGRICOLA- resources from the National Agricultural Library encompassing all aspects of agriculture and allied disciplines, including animal and veterinary sciences, plant sciences, forestry, etc.
AGRIS- Sponsored by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.1965 to present.
AIDSinfo- HIV/AIDS information from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services
AMBDAS - Atomic Molecular Bibliographic Data System (AMBDAS) & numerical databases of recommended and evaluated atomic, molecular and plasma-surface interaction data for fusion research
American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (ABSEES)-bibliography & articles of North American scholarship since the late 1980s on Eastern Europe, Russia, and the former Soviet Union
Analysis Index - Index to analyses or program notes for musical compositions in books owned by the University of Tennessee
Animal Diversity Web - covers distribution, natural history, conservation, and economic importance; rich in images and audio (University of Michigan Museum of Zoology)
Anthropological Index Online and ARD (Anthropology Review Database)
Archive of California, Online - searchable database of "finding aids" to primary sources and their digital facsimiles.
ASCE Civil Engineering Database. Coverage is 1970 to present.
Astrophysics Data System Abstract Service (1975+) also NASA's Planetary Data System and Caltech's NED (Extragalactic Database)
ATSDR Toxicological Profiles - from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Biography.com - over 25,000 personalities, also World Biographical Index - also try another interface for printing and emailing results, GIGABiographical Index of Names from John C.Shepard, American National Biography Online (free trial subscription) and (Gale's) Literary Index - Information on 130.000 author entries that can be found in books published by the Gale Group
Biographical Dictionary- 28,000 biographies of notable men and women
Biology Databases such as NatureServe / Nature Serve which has data on more than 50,000 plants, animals, and ecological communities of the United States and Canada. Also World Biodiversity Database (WBD) - is a continuously growing taxonomic database and information system that aims at documenting all presently known species (about 1.7 million) and Global Population Dynamics Databasesearchable collection of plant and animal population data. Office of Biological and Environmental Research Abstracts, NORINA Database - over 3,000 biological images
Biome - UK's gateway to the natural world, biology, botany, zoology, ecology, biodiversity
BioMedNet- Full Text access to 30,000+Review Articles (free signup), also  MedBioWorld - 25,000 links to journals, associations and databases and BioMed Central
Book History Online: International Bibliography of the History of the Printed Book and Libraries
BibliografiaMesoamericana- A database of nearly 60,000 volumes of the published literature pertaining to the anthropology of Mesoamerica
BOPCRIS (British Official Publications Collaborative Reader Information Service) - some free government publications full text, and a much larger number of abstracts.
The British Library Online Newspaper Archive - Access to selected, searchable, online facsimile issues of the Daily News,Manchester Guardian, News of the World, and Weekly Dispatch, for scattered years 1851-1918.
Cambodian Genocide Program Article Database; Atlases (Geographical)& Maps;Biographical Sources; Electronic Texts; Pictures& Images; Primary Sources
CensusData and Census2000 from the U.S. Census Bureau
Chemdex - chemistry gateway with thousands of links maintained by the University of Sheffield
ChemFinder - Automatically cross-references a queried chemical substance to its name, molecular and CAS Registry Number.  Some Physical property data and 2D chemical structure
Chemical Accidents - EPA database
Chemical Scorecard - searchable pollution locator, rankings, health effects, chemical characteristics, regulatory controls for 17,000 sites, 5,000 chemicals drawn from EPA Toxic Release Inventory by the Environmental Defense Fund
ChemistryIndex - gateway, but some of the text and links are in German (Freie Universitat Berlin)
ChemWeb - gateway for articles, database searching, supplies, including BeilsteinAbstracts, an article abstracts from over 140 journals in organic and related chemistry from 1980 to present.  You must "join" but for free, also Analytical WebBase - Database of Royal Society of Chemistry, 300,000 Abstracts since 1980 (trial signup) and Thermodex Search Page from University of Texas - thermodynamic handbooks, chemical compounds and properties, compilation Bielstein etc. online databases and standard handbook, Atomic Spectra Databases, Organic Syntheses - organic chemistry database, and Solvent Database
Child Abuse and Neglect Documents Database - Indexes journal articles, books, book chapters, proceedings, reports and other materials on child abuse
ChildWelfare: Gateway to Resources by UCLA Social Welfare Dept. Professor Duncan Lindsey.
CIAO:Columbia International Affairs Online - Covering theory and research in international affairs, indexes, provides full text
CineFiles - Pacific Film Archive's film document image database
Citeseer.com.- Scientific Literature Digital Library. NEC Corp. Indexes Postscript and PDF research articles on the Web. Has citation searching component.
Community of Science Expertise Database - over 55,000 profiles of faculty researchers.
Computation and Language E-Print Archive Mirror Site Article Database;Electronic Text Collection
Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies - over 1,000,000 abstracts and some links to the online fulltext.
CompuScience- a bibliographic database covering literature in the field of Computer Science and Computer Technology with about 160 000 citations from 1972 to current drawn from more than 320 journals, books,conference proceedings, etc
Computing Research Respository (CoRR). Preprints in computer science.Mechanisms for searching, downloading and submitting preprints are provided. also Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library. (NCSTRL) Computer science technical reports from over 100 institutions worldwide. Over 20,000 reports are available in full text and Lecture Notes in Computer Science Index (from v.500 to current)
DBLP Computer Science Bibliography (University of Trier, Germany) which concentrates on database systems and logic programming, but covers other areas of computer science as well.
Congressional Record from THOMAS or via the Web from GPOAccess(1995+)
Corbis Image Collection - over 10,000 still images, searchable by keyword and category and Getty Images, a gateway to 12 collections of still images, covering art reproductions and advertising; most pictures have a fee to download
CountingCalifornia "enables users access to actual raw data compiled by federal, state, and local agencies, and also allows users to collate and integrate data by topic, geography, title, and provider."
Dance Collection Catalog (New York Public Library) - lists works about all forms of dance, from all cultures, in print and other media. Also see Cyberdance
DoctorDirectory (USA) or DocFinder- verify licenses for Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas and Vermont). Also see AMA Physician Select,  UPIN (Unique Physician Identifier Number database) and Certified Doctor Verification Service which is maintained by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) for its members American Hospital Directory
DOE's Information Bridge full-text documents (1995+) One of many DOE databases available such as PubScience citations and DOE Central Internet Database on nuclear waste cleanup
Drug Info Resource Center - includes text and audio versions of listings; also RXList- The Internet Drug Index - same info as PDR; Medline Plus - from the United States Pharmacopeia (USP); Nurse's PDR - concise, loads FAST; Web MD Drugs And Herbs; New Medicine in Development - Article Database and Electronic Text Collection, Electronic Orange Book - official list of FDA approved drugs, Directory of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Druginfonet Database - official package inserts -searchable drug database by Generic Name, trade name manufacturer, or therapeutic class
Earthquake Search Earthquake Database. U.S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center
East Timor Article Database; Biographical Sources; Electronic Texts; Government Resources
ECONbase-Abstracts free, articles cost $, access to Elsevier/North-Holland journals in economics, econometrics, and finance
Economic Papers (European Union)
Electric Power R & D. Sponsored by U.S. Department of Energy
Emerald Abstracts & Engineering Database-free abstracts from journals published by MCB University Press and includes over 100 key management, library science and engineering journals. Can purchase the full text of articles from 1994 to date and abstracts back to 1989.
Energy Citations Database. U.S. Department of Energy database. Coverage is 1948 to present.
Energy Portal Search. Provides access to government and research society databases and evaluated web sites.
Environmental Fate Database - chemical degradation and toxicity searches with several databases
Environmental Mutagen Information Center (EMIC)- a TOXNET database containing citations to journal articles covering chemical, biological, and physical agents.
Environmental Uncle Sam(Google)internet search engine for online U.S. Federal documents.
E-Prints-Preprints and Working Papers.
EPAWeb Search. Provides advanced searching of the EPA web site.
ERIC/AE- Includes full text of ERIC Digests. Can search by keyword only or try ERIC Wizard - to help you search for a particular topic by descriptors. Also ERIC/AETest Locator describes over 9,500 achievement, aptitude, personality, attitude, & career/vocational tests
ERIC Search Engine and AskERIC- This version of the database provides access to ERIC Document citations only from 1966 through December 1999 and ERIC Journal citations from 1966 through December 1999. Updated monthly.
EthicsUpdates - comprehensive ethics database
European Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (2001+) see also the backfile which will cover through 2000.
Federal Election Commision also see Election Data and OpenSecrets.com for campaign contributions information
Federal Register via the GPOAccess full text of the U.S. Federal Register (1995+),Congressional Record(1995+), Congressional bills (1993+); Code of Federal Regulations (current and recent historical),U.S.Statutes (1995+), U.S. Code(1994), or at Cornell; FINDLAW Includes Supreme Court decisions, selected state codes, online law reviews and a search engine focused on legal informationEZLAW'S Municipal Law Locator and University Law Review Project Full-text access to online law reviews and journals, Legal Information Institute from Cornell Law School, LexisONE, Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) a database of laws, regulations, and other complementary legal sources and many more Government links, also Google's UncleSam
Fedstats -provides easy access to full range of statistics and other information from over 70 federal agencies including data on labor, economy, justice, census, the IRS and more - National UK Statistics Database
FedWorld.gov & GovEngine.com government gateways and USgovsearch (NorthernLights) internet search engine for online U.S. Federal documents, also FirstGov political links for governmental offices, also ProjectVote Smart - find your member of congress and how they voted or Center for ResponsivePolitics - impressive archive of publications and several searchable databases, Presidential Public Statements Search
Fire Research Information Services (FRIS). FIREDOC database. Made available by the Building and Fire Research Laboratory BFRL),National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
FIRST (Facts on International Relations and Security Trends)
FindArticles.com - recent science and technology articles from over 300 sources
Gandhiserve.com -Mahatma Gandhi resource archive
General Social Survey - a personal interview survey of U.S. households conducted by the National Opinion Research Center - one of several sites with this data
Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) - lists all features, creeks, trails, mountains, lakes, etc  and USGSMapFinder, U.S. Geological Survey -main entrance to the 150 servers of the USGS;  access is also provided based on major themes: ,Environment, Geology, Hazards, Information Management, Mapping, Resources, Water and Publications of the U.S.Geological Survey - database of citations and abstracts; searchable by subject, author, keyword and journal, TerraServer - view USGS maps and aerial photos of the U.S.A. National Atlas of the United States of America , Zip Code Maps, CGRER NetSurfing: Maps and References, U.S, Census Gazatteer
Geodata by Place Name - search multiple DB's for local conditions from one convenient form
GeoRegister- index to documents on Swedish geology.
Global Population Distribution Database - prepared by Yi-Fan Li for the UN Environment Programme in Nairobi, Kenya
Globalization and Labor Standards (GALS) Bibliographic Database - contains abstracts of English-language law journal articles on international labors standards
GrayLITNetwork: A Science Portal of Technical Reports - "the world's most comprehensive portal to Federal gray literature." Also see Science.gov
Great American Speeches - PBS collection of important historical speeches in text, audio and video formats plus History and Politics Out Loud-includes Nixon Watergate tapes, as well as recordings and transcripts of Lyndon Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and the Warren Commission; search by title, speaker, date, keyword or subject
Greeks in Istanbul -article database & archive
Handbook of Latin American studies (HLAS Online) - bibliography and essential guide to scholarly works on Latin America
Historical Text Archive: History of the United States - Article Database; Electronic Texts
HOAXBusters- from the U. S. Dept. of Energy
HREX: Human Radiation Experiments Information Management System -A collection of historical records on radiation experiment research from government agencies
HSRPROJ(Health Services Research PROJects in progress) - A database with descriptions of research in progress funded by federal and private grants and contracts
HUDUSER - Policy Development and Research's InformationService - U.S. federal government research on housing, urban planning, and related topics.
Index of ChristianArt -classified index to medieval art in books, manuscripts and photographs (Princeton University)
Indonesia-Article Database; Biographical Sources; Electronic Texts; Government Resources
IndustryWeek 1000 Database - very brief corporate statistics for manufacturers only
Infotrieve Article Finder - 20,000,000 entries for articles in 30,000+ journals, no full-text
International JamesJoyce Foundation - Journals Index, and Full-Text Database
jake - tells you what databases index a particular journal
KVINNSAM(Women's History Dept. Gothenburg University) - Multilingual interdisciplinary database containing titles on women's, men's and gender studies.
Laos-Article Database; Biographical Sources; Electronic Texts; Government Resources
MathSciNet -a comprehensive database covering the world's mathematical literature since 1940
Mathnet.preprints -Mathematics Preprint Search System and Electronic Library of Mathematics
MathSearch- searches a collection of over 200,000 documents on English-language mathematics and statistics servers across web (from the University of Sydney) and Euler for abstracts of mathematics journal articles in English and German, also On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences - find the next integer of a sequence from a collection of over 80,000 cataloged sequences
Mayan Epigraphic Database - shows glyphs and consensus meanings
Medieval Feminist Index(MFI) - covers journal articles, book reviews, and essays in books about women, sexuality, and gender
Medline NLM Gateway -provides access to MEDLINE, OLDMEDLINE, LOCATORplus, AIDS Meetings, AIDS Meetings (with MeSH), HealthServices Research Mtgs, and HSRProj. PubMed- medical bibliographic database and EntrezSearch and Retrieval System. National Library of Medicine sponsored databases including protein and nucleotide databases, also try the TRIP database, Also Alternative Medicine - portal for sources of information on unconventional, unorthodox, unproven, or alternative therapies, also NetWellness 2000 - medical gateway & NOAH:New York Online Access to Health - portal to health resources, Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce - health worker portal, CHID Online(Combined Health Information Database) - an index to health information and health education resources produced by health-related agencies, HSTAT- Health Service/Technology Assessment Reports, Directory of Health Organizations Database by Keyword - National Health Information Center
Directory of Medical Databases - annotated at Columbia.edu such as HighWire Search which indexes over a million medical articles, many available free full-text Search OMIM - Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man for hereditary diseases, also Cancer.gov (National Cancer Institute), CancerLit, Carcinogenic Potency Database, Center Watch Clinical Trials Listing Service, Images from the History of Medicine,CDC Images on Public Health, OncoLink - Article Database on medicine and public health. CDC Prevention Guidelines Database also Smoking & Health Database from the CDC (also see the Doctors and Drugs sections on this page)
MENALIB:MiddleEast Virtual Library - an information portal for Middle East and Islamic Studies
Mineralogy Database - details for 4,999+ specimens
MSDS-Search -searches about 30 databases - also MSDSSheets Online or general info at Materialsafety data Sheet
NASA's Natural Disaster Reference Database - using satellite data to mitigate diasters
National Climatic Data Center - maintained by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Criminal Justice Reference Service Abstracts (NCJRS) - Contains summaries of more than 150,000 criminal justice publications
NationalDigital Library (Korea) - Includes online catalogs, indexes to journal articles, and some full text databases of primary sources, established by national libraries in Korea, such as The National Library of Korea, The National Assembly Library of Korea, Supreme Court Library.
NBER Working Papers (National Bureau of Economic Research) from a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization
NCES- National Center for Educational Statistics site with statistics, studies, reports, and periodicals.
New Jour: Electronic Journals & Newsletters - a completely Internet list for new journals and newsletters available on the Internet
New Religious Movements, Religious Group Index - contains links to and profiles on many sects and cults (student authored site from the University of Virginia, more objective, but not as extensive as the slanted ministry at Watchman Fellowship's site)
NOAA Photo Library - 16,000+ photograph images
NWRC Publications The NWRC Publications database is a list of all publications of the United States Geological Survey National Wetlands Research Center in Lafayette, Louisiana.
OPAC catalogs KVK (75 million) WorldCAT (now free on Google til 6/04) and COPAC for UK and Ireland Library of Congress, MELVYL
Paperloop.com - provides search of over 5 years of back issues of Pulp and Paper Magazine, Pulp and Paper International Magazine, Pulp and Paper Europe Magazine, Pulp and Paper Asia Magazine. Full text is included.
PARLITDatabase- Database of bibliographic references on the role, structure and working methods of national parliaments.
Perseus Project - a digital library of resources for studying ancient Greece and Rome; includes ancient texts and translations, philological tools, maps, an image database, and secondary essays (Tufts University)
Peterson's Guide - on-line version of a major print guide to colleges and universities in the U.S. Also see Find a School Searchable Database and COOL which covers basic info for over 9,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. from National Center for Educational Statistics
Philosophy on the Web - an exhaustive list of Internet philosophy resources; includes directories, e-texts, e-journals, and links to philosophy societies and academic departments
Philosophy in Cyberspace also Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy , The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy - interactive philosophy encyclopedias and Paideia Project- online archive of papers presented at the World Congresses of Philosophy and other conferences; searchable by keyword and over 40 subject categories
Physical Sciences Information Gateway resources such as PhysDoc - Physics Documents Worldwide - offers lists of links to document sources, such as preprints, research reports, annual reports, and list of publications Searchlight for Sciences & Engineering , from the University of California, PhiBot, CERN Document Server-Physics Article Databases; Bibliographies;Library Catalogs; Preprints& Working Papers SPIE & Optics.org- over 1,000,000 citations on Optics, Photonics, Astronomy, Astrophysics from SPIE Publications Fundamental Physical Constants SPIRES-HEP(HighEnergy Physics) Database,Measurement Converter and Megaconverer2 for unit conversion
PubList - a directory of publications and newspapers, both print and electronic.
Quarterly and Monthly U.S. Business Data- historic charts of GDP, interestrates, employment and other U.S. monetary data
Quotations Archive - search by keyword to find the perfect quote for any occasion or paper
RAND Publications-index of abstracts to RAND publications on a wide variety of topics published over the last 20-plus years
Recent Advances in Manufacturing.   Covers over 500 journals.
Report Gallery - Collection of annual reports from the majority of the Fortune 500 companies, also see EDGAR, Industry Research Desk, a gateway site for company and industry-wide data. alsoKompass.com lists 1.8 million companies, 52,000 product and service codes, 23 million product references, 790,000 trade and brand names, 3.4 million executives' names in over 70 countries with free signup and here for additional info
Regulation.gov- for U.S. federal regulations
RutgersOptimality Archive - Optimality Theory Article Database
SalamIran- Electronic Journals; Government Resources
SciBASE - cites over 30,000,000 articles from 30,000+ journals
Shakespearean Prompt-Books of the Seventeenth Century Database of stage texts used in performances of Shakespeare's plays.
SIRIS Smithsonian Institution databases
SocSciResearch.com - research resources for the Social Sciences gateway, also Searchlight for Social Sciences & Humanities from University of California
Song Index, California Library Systems - Over 145,000 song titles(mostly popular music), almost 1,500 items indexed (song books,magazines, etc.
Song Index.Los Angeles Public Library - Searches for songs in books and anthologies owned by the Los Angeles Public Library.
Song Index. Arizona State University - Index to songs in collections at Arizona State University.
SpectraOnline- database of over 6.000 IR, MS, NMR, UV/VIS und NIR spectra searchable by compound name, CAS number, molecular formula,molecular weight, or spectra matching
Straits Times Interactive - extensive archive of articles from back issues
Subject Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of Information -includes sources on "all aspects of electronic publishing."
SuryoyoOnline- Online Journal of syrian Orthodox Church
Tables of Contents of Journals of Interest to Classicists - Contains information on over 23,000 articles from about 160 periodicals.
TOXLINE:toxicology literature online - National Library of Medicine's extensive collection of online bibliographic information and EXTOXNET- let's you search for info on toxics like pesticides
Toxnet:Toxicology Data Network. also see Hazardous Chemical Database - from University of Akron
TRISOnline-Transportation Research Information Services(TRIS) Database contains approximately 1/2 million  items
UNBISnet provides information about UN documents and WHO Information Archive, UN Treaty Collection
UNEP.NET Environment Network from the United Nations Environment Programme
UNESBIB-Bibliography of over 100,000 UNESCO documents, publications and Library holdings.
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR, previously called RefWorld)
UnionSearch! - a labor search engine from OOSTF
United States Patent and Trademark Office databases (PTO) - a full-text database of U.S. patents from 1976 to date, Canadian Patents Database and World Patents Database and Patents,Inventions, and Technology Transfer Links to many patent databases.
USDA Plants Database , USDA Poisonous Plant Database & CalFlora - huge plant database on wild California plants, also Native American Ethnobotany database. Other high use sites are IOPI Database of Plant Databases (DPD) which is a global list of plant databases, to tell you who is putting together what data and where, also others. International Plant Names Index - (IPNI) is a botanic database of the names and associated basic bibliographical details of all seed plants. Plant Disease Database , TreeBASE - A Database of Phylogenetic Knowledge is a relational database of phylogenetic information sponsored by Harvard University Herbaria, Leiden University EEW, and the University of California, Davis. Davd's Plants Database This unique and comprehensive database is the accumulation of gardening knowledge and expertise from hundreds of gardeners living around the world. The database currently contains 54,599 plants and 12,641 photos. eNature Online Field Guides
UTK Song Index - songwizard database of 50,000 songs
UV/Vis Spectra of Atmospheric Constitutents - 1200 sets of data for 130 substances
Vanderbuilt Television News Archive Simply register foraccess
ViVa: ABibliography of Women's History in Historical and Women's StudiesJournals - contains references to over 5,200 articles from European, American and Indian journals published between 1975 and 2000 (International Institute of Social History
WoPEc - latest research in economics
World Bank JOLIS/IMFJoint Library OPAC
World Constitutions and International Treaties - constitutions of over 137 countries with text mainly in English and subject listing of international treaties available on the Internet (Texas A&M University)
Zip Code by City, County, Census Tract, Time Zone - links to many Zip code searchable databases
Zoology Databases such as AnimalDiversity Web and Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals (OMIA) which is a database of the genes and phenes* that have been documented in a wide range of animal species other than those for which databases already exist (human, rat and mouse) from the University of Sydney. Also DuckData a comprehensive bibliographic database for waterfowl, Catalog of Fishes,EMBL Reptile Database
Section 3: Other Places to Look for Free Databases

The Invisible Web - about 1000 places you can browse or search
CompletePlanet.com - used to have 103,000 searchable databases, died in mid 2003
Supplementary Online Databases - nicely annotated from Chemeketa Library
ARL Directory of Scholarly Electronic Journals (from year 2000, not necessarily free)
Zentralbibliothek - kostenfreien  Datenbanken und Linksammlungen (many in English)
Digital Librarian - Librarian's Choice of the Best of the Web.
Librarians' Index to the Internet--  thoroughly annotated list of well-chosen sites, arranged by topic.
Librarian's Resource Centre and AcademicInfo.net - other quality gateways


I am not responsible for content and the changes in any of these databases. This is simply pointing out where to search. Any updates and changes in location of databases on the Internet are usually posted on theweb page or previous site directing the users where to look next.
Thank you

Ismael K. Isikel